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The syllabus for this course is based on a number of different factors and these vary from level to level. In general the syllabus at UIC progresses from beginner through to advanced in a structured and comprehensive way.

While the details for the timetable change every week, the teachers at UIC will always provide a well-planned and well-balanced class. Each class should contain a mixture of reading, writing, listening and speaking practice and grammaar structures and new vocabulary will be introduced and practised throughout the week. We consider reviewing and revising language to be a crucial part of learning and we have tests every 4 weeks to monitor  progress. We also have tutorials to find out what students want to study and how best to progress.

Sample Timetable
General English Standard Plus
20 lessons a week

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
lesson 1
0900 - 1000
Functional English 1
eg introductions, meeting people, social English
Listening for specific information
eg audio books and newspapers
Functional English 2
eg Language of opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, video of debate
Listeningfor Gist
eg radio chat show and topic vocabulary
Weekly review
(tests every 2 weeks)
lesson 2
1010 - 1110
Listening for gist and specific information eg authentic radio interview / graded listening material Conversational language eg interrupting / turntaking leading to fluency practice on topic of reading Structured debate on the subject of Tuesday's listening material (recycling vocabulary and language) Listening for gist and specific information eg authentic radio interview / graded listening material Flexible lesson (used in response to weekly review and needs arising during the week)
Lesson 3
1120 - 1220
Topic Voacabulary 1 eg expansion of lexical sets and phrases from listening (Pronunciation Practice of word stress and vowel souonds) Class Writing eg Class reports of discussion (including language and structure - to be finished for homework) Error correction from debate Grammar and Pronunciation focus on areas of difficulty identified during speaking Language focus 2 eg functional and grammatical structures for giving advice formal / informal lanaguge focus Song / language game providing consolidation and expansion of functions, grammar and lexical areas
lesson 4
1235 - 1325
Speaking Skills - learning to speak, phrases and vocabularyto help you speak Listening skills - listening for specific information, asking for clarification when information is not understood,
vowels, consonents, stress and intonation
Fluent Speaking, discussions, speakign about different topics and vocabulary about the topics Student choice - this will be a conversation-based class on a  topic particularly relevant to the students
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