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English Language Courses


in 2013 UIC joined the ISIS Education Group.

We are still offering the same high quality language we have always offered but as part of  a larger group we are able to offer you more.

We have recently completely refurbished the school, we now have 18 classrooms, interactive whiteboards, wifi, computers, a student room.

In important ways we are still the same - able to offer you the same high quality of care and  teaching in this fantastic location. All the reasons for coming to London and improving your Enlgish are still there, and the school is still the biggest award winner of all London schools. In the last 5 years we won the Language Travel award for STAR language school in Europe TWICE and was shortlisted on 2 other occasions, additionally we won the British Council ELTon award for innovation. If you would like more detailed information please follow this link to the ISIS schools website.





  English Language Courses  
English Language Courses
  Teacher training course  

Improve your language skills at work.
    Travel abroad and enhance your learning     experience in a country where the language is     spoken.
Learn in your own home. Choose the date, time and location that is convenient for you.
Accredited by the British Council Private Further Education UIC won the STAR English Language School in Europe award in 2013 Accredited by English UK
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